Using Additive & Free Run Automation in Bitwig

In this video I will show you a couple of ways to use the different automation types in Bitwig. By combining Absolute and Additive automation with Free Run automation, you can do some really quite cool things to add interest to even VERY short clips.

Free Run automation allows you to have clip automation be shorter or longer than the actual clip itself which can be really useful creating variety in tracks made in the clip launcher views.

Additive automation allows you to add and subtract from the absolute automation you write on a track. This is great for adding defined movement that can increase and decrease relative to the main automation you write for a parameter.

It can be cool to use these techniques for automation that last for 3/4 of a bar, for example to create, polyrhythmic automation that is then easy to scale up and down relative to what's happening in the track.

Automation made easy!

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