In todays video I will talk a little about the elusive concept of perfection and why it so difficult to achieve. We must be very cautious of perfection and aware of how easy it is for the pursuit of it to halt our work and progress.

Learning to live with our imperfections and the inherent imperfections of our art is one of the most valuable things we can do to live happier lives as artists. Once we embrace imperfections and let ourselves off the hook for not being perfect all time, or ever for that matter, we will not only increase our productivity and positivity but also, rather counterintuitively, become better artists. By allowing ourselves to finish more things and therefore learn from more mistakes, we will improve far quicker than if we remain nitpicky and obsessive over specifics in our work.

So get to work making 100 imperfect pieces of art and see if a) anything bad actually happens and b) if the 101st piece is better than the 1st.

P.s. I felt it was quite nice exercise for myself that with this video I use my first and only take - 'imperfections and all'. Live what you preach and all.

P.p.s. The extract that I recited at the beginning was from the brilliant book 'Art & Fear' by David Bayles.

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