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In todays video I will talk a little about our 'intake' or simply what we choose to let INTO our lives and how it affects the quality of what we can then produce as artists. We must always remain careful of not letting our realities become clouded with 'low quality' as this will readily reflect in the work we produce.

If we surround ourselves with and seek to find always the highest level beauty that we wish to represent in our art, the flow of 'idea to concept' becomes much easier. If we fall prey to 'low quality', not only will our ideas be less pure and less clear to us but we will live greyer and more easily rocked lives.

Todays challenge is to write down 5 things that you feel that you would like to change about the way you live your life that you think will benefit you on your quest to being a happy and productive artist. Once you have decided upon those 5 things, put into practice changing them.

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