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Abstract Sand

"There are no problems in art. There are only problems in the mind of the artist that are reflected in their art."


The quality of the art we produce and the enjoyment we get out of creating it are inextricably linked to the views we hold about ourselves and the world around us. By changing the way we think, we change the way we create. 

Creative Mindset Coaching will help you to unlock your artist potential and flourish as the pure creative being you are so capable of becoming.

Meet Your Coach

As well as maintaining a successful career in music, TÂCHES has become a leading voice in the world of healthy artistic mindset.


Throughout the 10+ years he's been releasing music and touring with the TÂCHES project, he's developed a unique perspective on what holds us back as creatives and and how to get the best out of people.

Always eloquent and often humorous, TÂCHES has an incredible gift in seeing the potential in people and helping them to grow past the specific issues that hold them back. 

Using his distinctive combination of psychology, philosophy and spirituality, TÂCHES will speak to your heart and help you to reach your true inner artistic potential.

Check out the How To Be A Happier Artist video series for a taste of what TÂCHES has to say about healthy creativity 

Above the Clouds

How it works


Develop a clearer view of the world and your place within it. Discover your freedom within 


Understand your mind and the tricks it plays on you that hold you back from success


Become one with the desire to create and uncover your true artistic purpose

  • 1 Coaching Session

    • 90 Minute Coaching Session
    • Downloadable Video Recording of Your Coaching Session
  • 5 Coaching Sessions

    Save 5% when you buy 5 sessions
    • 5 x 90 Minute Coaching Sessions
    • Downloadable Video Recordings of Your Coaching Sessions
  • Best Deal

    10 Coaching Sessions

    Save 20% when you buy 10 sessions at once
    • 10 Hour-long Mindset Coaching Sessions With TÂCHES
    • Downloadable Video Recordings of Your Coaching Sessions
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