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If you're seeking guidance to uncover your creative potential, you're in the right place. TÂCHES is not your ordinary coach. He's a successful producer, a world touring musician, and a celebrated creative force. His unique blend of professional experience and personal qualities will not only inspire you but will also imbue your creative journey with fun, excitement, and deep philosophical insights.


Here's why you should hire him as your creativity/life coach:

  1. World-Class Experience: Alex's extensive background as a world-renowned producer and touring musician brings a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge to his coaching, far surpassing simple software understanding.

  2. Non-Conformist Approach: TÂCHES doesn’t just toe the line. His unconventional, unique approach to music creation and teaching ensures that you're not just following a set path but forging your own creative journey.

  3. Humour and Light-Hearted Fun: Coaching with TÂCHES is never dull. Infusing his sessions with humour and fun, he ensures that your learning process is engaging and enjoyable, not just educational.

  4. Philosophical Depth: Along with the practical aspects of creativity, Alex delves into the philosophical underpinnings of artistry. This depth helps you appreciate the essence of music and creativity, going beyond just the act of creating.

  5. Personalized Learning: Regardless of your current skill level, TÂCHES tailors his lessons to match your understanding and aspirations. His knack for making complex concepts simple ensures an enriching learning experience.

  6. Beyond Software Knowledge: With TÂCHES, your learning extends beyond technicalities. He empowers you to walk away from each session with something more than just software knowledge – a deeper appreciation of music, a better understanding of your creative abilities, and an inspired spirit ready to explore.

Through his unique style, Alex encourages you to not just learn, but to experience and live creativity. This coaching journey is about nurturing your creative mindset, inspiring you to appreciate artistry, and guiding you to realize your creative potential. Together, let's chart an exciting path to your creative dreams!

"Alexa Hill's vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

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